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Issues Identified

Through interviews and discussions with the principals involved, we bring to light the underlying emotions and issues that are fueling a disagreement.

Direction Determined

We articulate those differences to the family and develop a plan to resolve the conflict, restore family harmony and move the business forward again.

Resolution Reached

We set appropriate goals and schedule the necessary meetings to guide the family through the process of attaining them.

Balance Achieved

As the family system becomes more balanced, the family and the family business function more effectively.

The Voice of Reason

Thoughts gleaned from thirty years of working with family businesses. Click to read Dr. Davidow's latest articles

We recommend that family businesses establish a governance process. Through our practical guidance, all facets of governance are addressed to secure the future of the next generation.More...

By applying our skills as a professional psychologist and a seasoned business lawyer, we address both emotional and financial conflicts, thereby giving our clients the best chance to avoid litigation.More...

Family business succession takes years to plan and implement. We facilitate effective continuity plans with ownership and senior management to insure the future success of the business.More...

Because real estate companies are predominantly family owned, they require a professional skilled in family dynamics as well as a professional skilled in the complexity of real estate issues. More...