What Our Clients Say

"It would be impossible to overstate the importance of family. It brings us our greatest joys and fulfillment in life. Those of us in family businesses are dually blessed as we have the opportunity to extend that fulfillment out into a much larger world. Building and maintaining healthy relationships is at the heart and success of both. With all of the best intentions and attentiveness to both, life is constantly throwing challenges and conflicts at us. At times it is overwhelming. Tom Davidow and Associates were invaluable to our family business as we dealt with the death of my husband and the succession of our 6th generational family business. They provided a safe and professional environment where individually and collectively we could work through issues relating to both the family dynamic and business dynamic. It would have been impossible for us to deal with all of the layers of issues without their professional and caring support."

- Carol Hancock

David and Carol Hancock were fifth generation members of the Hancock family, owners of Hancock Lumber, established in Maine in 1848. In addition to owning and foresting land, Hancock Lumber operates sawmills and numerous retail outlets which service both contractors and private home owners.

"You saved my family!"

- Howard S. Woody

As a young man, Mr. Woody provided years of service during World War II when he enlisted in the United States Army on September 16, 1940. He was part of the first wave of soldiers that landed on Omaha Beach and is among the few that survived. During that tenure, he met General Dwight Eisenhower, a future President of the United States.

Howard Woody, President of Union Telephone, has been running the company since the early 1950's that his father incorporated in 1914. Mr. Woody has presided over a substantial expansion of the company's landline operations and its entrance into wireless communications. He also served on the Board of Directors and as the President of the Rocky Mountain Telephone Association, a 7-state consortium of independent telephone service providers.

Today, at 86 years of age, Howard takes a more relaxed approach to the business operation. He has turned over the day-to-day operations of the company to his two surviving sons and now, a fourth generation of Woody family members are being groomed to assume this responsibility. He still oversees the operations of a 7,000-acre cattle ranch, including the daily feeding and care of his herd. He attributes his long and healthy life to the fact that he still does heavy labor each day, stating, "It's what keeps me going."