What Have Been the Characteristics of My Five Most Impressive Clients?

Business Leader Post, January 2, 2013

Thomas D. Davidow, Ed.D.

They all had integrity. They all had a strong sense of ethics and valued their reputations in their industry and in their community. They were tireless workers who were addicted to getting their work done. Achievement was important to them, but not at the sacrifice of their values. Money mattered, but in some cases not that much. In most cases, wealth was an afterthought. Family and their businesses came first.

Unfortunately, while their drive was for the benefit of their families, the amount of time they spent at the business had a negative impact on their families. They all understood that their behavior had in some way contributed to the issues that their families and businesses were facing. At great risk to themselves, their families, and the business, these individuals had the courage to address their challenges. They took responsibility and participated in dialogues and processes that had to be very painful for them to see and hear. Mostly, they watched and participated in the conflict with their family members. They all began to understand that it is just not the message that is important; it is whether others can hear that message. They learned communication techniques and practiced them and things got better. Like great athletes in sports, they made those around them better as well.