Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or a train heading the other way?

Business Leader Post, August 27, 2012

Thomas D. Davidow, Ed.D.

That period of struggle is the worst. You know that you can only take it one more step at a time because all the energy you have is in reviewing and deciding what the next best step is. You cannot plan very far ahead because the external issues remain uncertain. I was talking to a former client today. They are together as a family, so for them it is a question of how to best address their business challenges in what continues to be difficult economic times.

In trying to give support, I suggested that everything works out for the best. The response was, “Right everything always works out for the best except when it doesn’t.” That response made me think of Albert Camus (a French Existential Philosopher) and his book Myth of Sisyphus. If you recall Sisyphus had angered the Gods and was sentenced to roll a boulder up a mountain. When it reached the top, he had to let it roll down and would push the boulder back up the Mountain. The message that I took from the story is that life is a journey. It frequently makes no sense at all so one has to develop a view of the world that allows one continue to struggle. How one struggles and addresses the challenges of the world is the answer to the question asked above.

Character is fate. (Author unknown to me)

Red Sox fans: Emotionally distant you from them but continue to cheer them on.