Family Business Succession Planning for Management

Management Succession

Addressing the critical issue of management succession requires addressing family relationships and business management. TD&A develops succession plans for families and nonfamily business managers. Click here to see article, “How Multi-Generational Family Firms Transfer Management Control Successfully

Strategic Planning

TD&A consultants specialize in developing strategies for the future of family enterprises. We look at both family and business goals and examine how they will be affected by change.

Leadership Development

The management training and development programs offered by TD&A establish guidelines for the next generation of family members who will manage the family business. Click here to see articles, “How Multi-Generational Family Firms Transfer Management Control Successfully” and “Enhancing Team Performance”

Executive Coaching

TD&A provides one-on-one training for family and nonfamily executives who want to improve personal skills, enhance collaboration and strengthen shared passion and purpose.

Executive Compensation

TD&A offers compensation evaluation that includes looking at the emotional issues that often underlie compensation and developing new compensation structures for family and nonfamily executives. Click here to see articles, “Profit Sharing: Entitlement or Motivator?”; “Using Phantom Stock to Compensate Executives in Privately Held Businesses”; and “Performance Appraisal in the Competitive 21st Century

Estate Planning

We work with an extensive network of highly qualified estate planners. TD&A makes referrals based solely on merit and compatibility between clients and attorneys. Click here to see articles, “What Do Women Really Want? Estate Planning Tailored to Women's Needs”; “Selecting and Working with Valuation Firms”; and “The ‘ Unreal Repeal’: A Closer Look at the 2001 Estate Tax Law

Family Businesses Owned in Trust

A trust can be used for tax liability reduction, professional management of family assets, or controlling transfer of property to the next generation. TD&A guides trustee selection and creates provisions that promote continuity of family control and family harmony. Click here to see article, “Placing a Family Business in Trust: Identifying and Resolving Inherent Conflicts