Family Business Succession Planning for Ownership

Continuity Planning

To maintain control of the family enterprise and to continue family harmony into the next generation, families need to integrate personal estate planning, corporate strategic planning, and corporate financing. TD&A works with experienced continuity planners who look at family goals and business needs. We devise strategies and tactics for continuity of leadership and adherence to core family and business values.

Assets Held in Trust

Placing a family's assets in trust can change profoundly the core values of an enterprise as control is transferred to a fiduciary. To be truly successful, trust instruments must include clear statements of core values and precise limits on trustees’ powers. TD&A guides trustee selection and creates provisions that promote stable family control and continued family harmony. Click here to see articles, “Placing a Family Business in Trust: Identifying and Resolving Inherent Conflicts”; "Orderly Succession"; and "Building Intergenerational Dialogue"