About TD&A Family Business Consulting

The family business consultants at Thomas D. Davidow & Associates are committed to working with family controlled businesses, companies, and enterprises. Our network of professionals addresses family and structural issues that can impact the many facets of a family business: its day-to-day stability; its capacity for change; its outlook for growth.

We believe that successful consultation to family controlled enterprises requires the highest level of training and experience in two areas: counseling families and advising businesses. We are guided by our methodology, the Davidow Interdisciplinary Methodâ„¢, which is rooted in family systems theory. This method enables us to address areas of critical importance to family enterprises including Succession, Conflict Resolution, Governance and Executive Performance. We help families focus on issues within these areas, which can strengthen their relationships and enhance their businesses in terms of:

TD&A seeks to ensure that the relationship between family and business is strong, secure, and sustainable. Family interactions and business operations are intertwined; when both work successfully together there is more opportunity for progress to be made, potential to be reached, promise to be fulfilled.