Success Stories

In each case listed below the consequence of our intervention was that the family members, and in many cases the non-family members, who were burdened by the family's issues were able to focus their time and energy into the management of business issues. This always resulted in a positive impact on the business and the completion of other tasks, such as estate planning.

  1. Helped family members address and confront a long-standing family secret, which removed sufficient amount of animosity in the system and allowed that family to withdraw their litigation and settle outside of the courtroom.
  2. Helped a family address fractured relationships among siblings and allow trust to be re-established through negotiation of a buy/sell agreement that addressed family issues, ownership and management issues.
  3. Managed inter-generation conflict where we facilitated the second generation transferring ownership and management control to three third generation brothers.
  4. Resolved a twenty-five year conflict between two brothers from a fifth generation company which created the opportunity for the sixth generation cousins to design a family governance structure where the the family continues its ownership and control of the business.
  5. Kept family issues from interfering with business decisions where the business was able to quadruple in revenues in a extremely competitive commodity market.
  6. Achieved a family consensus about a structure of accountability for a second generation family member afflicted with problems of addictive. The result of the intervention created the opportunity for the business to double within a three-year period.
  7. Created sufficient clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the younger generation that allowed for the completion of the estate plan.
  8. Facilitated the grieving process for a family business where the mother (although not an employee and who had passed away ten years prior to the engagement) was responsible for solving the difficulties that occurred between her husband and the three sons within the business. Once the family was able to sufficiently grieve her loss, we were able to help them develop other mechanisms for problem solving their family and business disagreements.
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