Family Business Executive Coaching

What do Family Business Executive Coaches do? Like sports coaches who assist athletes in improving their performance, they help individuals enhance their performance in the business arena. How do we do that? We identify and limit our clients' distractions, both internal and external, which interfere with their ability to achieve optimum performance levels.

Internal distractions can include lack of confidence, critical or negative thinking, or anxiety, either self-imposed, or resulting from increased pressure for job performance. External distractions include a lack of resources to complete a project, a manager who is non-communicative or hostile, the company's compensatory practices, or its cultural and political environment.

Through testing and interviews, we assess an individual's skill sets, including attention style - how s/he focuses on any given task, and interpersonal style - how s/he relates to co-workers. We also evaluate the client's external distractions and help determine those which s/he can control or influence and those which s/he cannot.

After assessing both internal and external factors, we help the client develop a Performance Plan, which identifies the client's goals; then we create mental, technical, tactical, and environmental measures to achieve them.

How does Executive Coaching work for family businesses?

We work with individuals within the family as well as with non- family managers to:

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