Family Business Conflict Resolution

Although any family can experience breakdowns in communication, conflicts between relatives or sibling rivalries, in the family business context, more often than not, the underlying conflict can negatively impact the shareholder value and success of the business. The most prevalent sources of conflict within the family business-intergenerational conflict, sibling rivalry, and continuity planning-can cause misunderstandings and create stress for family businesses which in turn adversely affect business performance. TD&A identifies causes of communication difficulties and offers solutions for improvements. For conflicts with potential legal ramifications, learn about our legal mediation consulting.

Intergenerational Conflict in Family Businesses

Intergenerational conflict in family businesses stems from cultural, social or economic differences between generations. These differences, having to do with work ethics, communication, values and/or beliefs, can show up in a variety of ways and can lead to intergenerational conflict and stress within family businesses. TD&A looks at the underlying causes of such conflict and provides practical techniques for resolving issues. Click here to see article, “Making Peace between the Generations in Family Businesses

Sibling Rivalry in Family Business

Sibling rivalries most often involve brothers and sisters competing with each other when they are young. However, sibling rivalries can continue into adulthood and spill over into the family business.  Whether the source of the rivalry is emotional (e.g., competition for the father’s approval) or strategic (e.g., differing opinions on the best direction for the business), TD&A has extensive experience in addressing and untangling the feelings that often underlie such rivalries. Click here to see article, “The Key Issues That Can Help Family Businesses Gain Control of Sibling Rivalries

Family Business Continuity Planning

TD&A works with families to address and resolve issues about the family's core values and the involvement of new generations in the family business’s philanthropic endeavors and investments.

Elder Care Health Issues

When a family member in a leading business role experiences illness or injury, the family may experience increased stress and unexpected leadership transitions. TD&A can help the family to function better when cognitive/emotional disability and/or leadership changes occur. Click here to see article, “Dealing with Major Health Issues in the Family Business

Family Retreats

TD&A facilitates family retreats tailored to family and/or business needs. Retreats can include recreational activities while focusing on the development of core values, strategic planning and business operations.


TD&A assists families with articulating their values, clarifying future plans and achieving philanthropic goals. Click to see article, “Philanthropy: A Lifetime Commitment


In cases of powerful family disputes about ownership or the operation of a family controlled enterprise, formal dispute resolution may be required. TD&A professionals are skilled at mediation and dispute resolution.

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