Family Business Crisis management

Dr. Davidow applies his expertise as a mediator to any business situation where parties are in conflict. He specializes in but is not confined to resolving disagreements in family businesses, family foundations and family offices. He also helps non-family partnerships avoid litigation by addressing those dynamics and emotions which are prohibiting a resolution.  

Dr. Davidow has had vast experience in diffusing extremely difficult situations in which people have locked horns and are about to escalate the conflict. Before he begins his engagement with clients, he requires that all parties agree to pursue an alternative, more positive direction than the one in which they are currently heading.

The Process:

Step1: Assessment

At the outset of the engagement, Dr. Davidow will detect the underlying source and triggers for the dispute. 

Frequently, when a conflict seems irresolvable, it is the emotional component fueling the disagreement that is making it so. Whether the presenting problem involves succession issues or communication differences, behavior is a symptom, not the problem. The actual source may be a series of misunderstandings, differing world views, unresolved historical issues that we bring to light, or a series of small issues that, left unaddressed, have accumulated to a point where they are overwhelming to all parties. 

Through interviews and discussions with the principals involved, and, when necessary, their professional advisors, Dr. Davidow explores behaviors and gleans information about what the real triggers are.  

Step 2:  Articulation

Once the source of the emotional issues are clear, Dr. Davidow then describes the situation in a way that helps all parties understand the reasons for the intense emotions. Those reasons help to determine the outcome: either to dissolve the financial/business relationship or to come to an alternative resolution. Depending on the situation, Dr. Davidow either continues the process alone or with an attorney skilled in mediation.

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