The Davidow Interdisciplinary Method

The practices of Thomas D. Davidow & Associates are guided by the Davidow Interdisciplinary Methodâ„¢. This methodology, rooted in family systems theory, addresses the family issues that often interfere with sound business decisions.

We separate family issues from business issues; after all, families and businesses differ from each other in terms of structure, needs, and relationships. But we also look at how the two are intertwined: family impacts business, business impacts family. When a family and a business each operate successfully then so, too, does the family business.

  1. Our expertise in family counseling and in advising businesses and other organizations enables us to understand and resolve the full spectrum of family business issues. How do we know that our methodology works?
  2. Our interdisciplinary method has successfully helped more than 250 national and international businesses with a multitude of issues interfering with their business decisions and operations.
  3. We have seen the long-term competitive strength of our clients enhanced, and their stated mission or goal achieved.
  4. We have been successful in bringing about improved communication and harmony among family members.
  5. And we have assisted families with preserving the legacy of their values as well as the strength of their balance sheets.

Because of our family business consulting experience and technical expertise, TD&A has a unique capacity for addressing and preserving the vision and values inherent in all successful family enterprises.

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