Case Histories: Examples of Conflicts Resolved through Dr. Davidow’s Mediation

1. In a family business, a brother-in-law and son continued to increase their salaries, while not increasing a cousin’s salary in over five years. Dr. Davidow helped to avoid a potential litigation and resolve the situation through a compensation package.  Consequently, all parties were able to work in the family business harmoniously, and the business has prospered for the last eight years.

2. A sister was suing her older brother who was the trustee, i.e., controlled the business and finances of his four siblings. Once the brother and sister were able to share the underlying source of their conflict, the litigation stopped. Negotiations continued for a separation and were completed after a period of time at a much less dramatic cost than litigation.

3. Two brothers were extremely competitive and were not able to work collaboratively. They were on the brink of cutting off all relationships with each other’s families, including the next generation. Dr. Davidow helped them come to a resolution and negotiate a buyout. After they were able to acknowledge the extent of their sibling rivalry and their inability to work together collaboratively, the business dynamic was removed, and the two brothers resurrected their relationship. Once again, they again went to ball games together and celebrated holidays together, etc.

4. Sibling minority shareholders were about to start litigation against an older brother who had controlling interests in the family business. Instead, a buy/sell agreement was put in place through negotiations, litigation was avoided, and the family continues to run the business together.

5. In a non-family stockholder partnership, one of the partners went rogue. He participated in conflicts of interest and unethical behavior. The other partners were deadlocked over what to do. Some partners wanted to fire him, but since the relationship was 30 years old, others didn’t want to do that out of loyalty. Following discussions with all partners, the rogue partner understood that his behavior was a symptom of his unhappiness in the firm. He resigned instead of being fired and was able to keep his dignity. Dr. Davidow accomplished this resolution in less than two days.

Before you go to litigation, or even if you are already in it, Dr. Davidow’s mediation cannot only resolve conflicts at their root level, he can help you save the often enormous legal fees of litigation. Many attorneys with whom Dr. Davidow has worked agree on how wasteful litigation can be. Given the choice professionally, they advise their clients to mediate first. 

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