The TD&A Team

A Holistic Approach

Since it is our experience that high net worth families and family businesses face demanding and complicated challenges, we believe that anything less than superior service denies the family the opportunity to achieve its fullest potential. TD&A's combined skill sets and expertise address those in which family and family business issues intersect:

Dr. Thomas D. Davidow has a unique grasp of family dynamics. George Burns handles the legal/business implications of conflicts. Susan Y. Friedman specializes in business strategy and understanding the financial dynamics of companies. Dr. Jonathan Katz brings extensive executive leadership experience specialized in building organizational capabilities and improving business processes..

All team members understand the power of family dynamics and how to direct that power to positive outcomes.

We work either independently or as a team, depending on the situation.

The team concept allows each of us to focus on our areas of expertise while bringing to the client the appropriate range of skills. Talented professionals working individually may get good results. Teams get exceptional results.

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