Company Values & Philosophy

Ethics & Confidentiality

Professional ethics and a commitment to confidentiality are integral parts of the practices of Thomas D. Davidow & Associates. We conduct ourselves in accordance with a system of values and beliefs that ensure our clients feel safe and confident. Our ethics help us to set limits on our conduct and that of our clients, ensuring that we remain within the boundaries of our profession, and do no harm. Our commitment to working ethically is key to working with our clients to the best of our ability. The trust that our clients place in us, both in terms of their families and their businesses, is never taken lightly. It is, without doubt, the foundation of all we do.

TD&A maintains a code of conduct that incorporates the ethical principles established by the American Psychological Association.

Our Philosophy

Thomas D. Davidow & Associates highly values its clients: We treat families with dignity; we treat their businesses with respect. We encourage the passion, courage, and vision that are at the heart of family enterprises. And we help guide these enterprises to action that mirrors their own values and goals.

We recognize that each family, each business, has its own unique identity and history. In working with family businesses we seek to frame their histories, make clear their stories, and create narratives so that their values and goals become clearer and, ultimately, more reachable.

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